Did you know ? Starting in June you can apply for a 5 year VISA – Thailand

Thailand had introduced a new visa scheme aimed at various groups, including digital nomads, chefs, boxers, and students, allowing them to stay in the country for up to five years. Here’s an overview of each category:

  1. Digital Nomads: Digital nomads are individuals who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and lead a nomadic lifestyle, often working remotely. Thailand’s five-year visa for digital nomads aimed to attract professionals in this category by offering them a longer-term stay option. This visa likely allowed digital nomads to live and work in Thailand legally, contributing to the local economy while enjoying the country’s culture and lifestyle.
  2. Chefs: Thailand is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, and there is a demand for skilled chefs in the hospitality industry. The five-year visa for chefs likely targeted qualified culinary professionals, providing them with an extended stay option to work in Thai restaurants, hotels, or other culinary establishments. This visa may have required applicants to demonstrate their culinary expertise and secure employment or sponsorship from a Thai employer.
  3. Boxers: Thailand has a strong tradition of martial arts, particularly Muay Thai, which is popular both domestically and internationally. The five-year visa for boxers may have been designed for foreign athletes and trainers involved in the sport, allowing them to train, compete, and work within Thailand’s Muay Thai community. Similar to other visa categories, applicants may have needed to demonstrate their proficiency in Muay Thai and secure sponsorship from a Thai gym or organization.
  4. Students: Thailand’s five-year visa for students likely aimed to attract international students seeking to pursue higher education or language studies in the country. This visa would have provided students with a longer-term stay option, allowing them to enroll in degree programs, language courses, or other educational pursuits. Requirements for this visa may have included admission to a recognized educational institution in Thailand and proof of financial means to support oneself during the course of study.

These visa schemes were likely introduced to attract skilled professionals, athletes, students, and other individuals to contribute to Thailand’s economy, cultural diversity, and educational institutions. However, it’s important to verify the latest information from official sources or embassy websites, as immigration policies and visa regulations can change over time.

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